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So if you were a friend of mine on Facebook you would know I have had a loooot of scooter problems. Like to the moon and beyond. That’s how many..

For instance a few months back, the scooter broke down 5 times in 7 days. Haha
Another is, I have sent it in 4 times over the past 11 months for exhaust problems, including it being ripped off due to road works (sad face) so that was a week ago, cost me one thousand rand to fix. If you don’t live in South Africa…. That’s a loooooot of money, especially for someone who only earns three thousand a month. Sooooo I went to a 21st party really quietly which was awesome!! And on the way home I broke down again….. Okay so I walked my scooter about half a K to the petrol station.. REMEMBERING I AM IN FANCY SPIKEY SHOES, SKIN TIGHT SKINNIES AND A BALZER COVERED IN SPIKES AND A LEGO BOW TIE. get to the station and phone mom to pick me up.. Cool. I am home.. So now I need to get my scooter home……………. So I shall tow it home.. Yes I have done it before and it worked so this time it will be perfectly fin!!!!!! Yay. So we tie up the scooter to the car and set off. I’m on the scooter steering it, and it’s going well. Till my dad who is driving starts paying more attention to me than the actual bloody road which has BUMPS all over it. So the idiot starts to accelerate. So now he is going faster and I’m shouting and screaming at him about the big mother fucker of a bump ahead of him.. But nooooo he does not realize what I’m shouting about. Next thing I hit this bump, but go flying into the oncoming side of the road… Which luckily no car was coming, but I got up so fast that I don’t actually rename her hitting the ground I just remember seeing my scooter in the ear and then hitting the ground and dragging behind the car, (shocked face) then my dad slams on the break.

Bla bla bla we get home eventually after another friend pulls up and tows me home. Thank God it was not my dad again.

Now I have to buy a new scooter. Yay..
Soooo point to my write up is I will no longer have bike problems as I am now going to be buying a new scooter in December.. So now it’s save save save…….

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A good question

So is there something really wrong with being bisexual? As I don’t know.. I have always thought it’s for people who don’t know what they are. Gay… Straight… Whatever it is.. But I find myself there now.. I don’t know.. Maybe I am bisexual.

At least if gives me parents a 50/50% chance of me marring a girl. Haha..

But really what is your opinion in this if you reading this,.

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